Front Right Wheel Thumping/Thudding ever time it goes around- What can this be?

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Aug 10, 2016
Atlanta, GA
Okay I am having wheel Thumping/thuding on what looks like my Front Right (Passenger front Wheel) which is kinda of hard to explain. Its as if the wheel has a flat spot every time it rotates around that sounds like a thud. This especially is pronounced when I start the car in the morning when I am driving slow. It somewhat goes away at higher speeds I feel later but I still feel is when I slow down. I am sure its there at higher speed but its lost in the tire noise with the speed.

Last month or so I did have my C clip slip out so the axle slipped out of place so I could only drive it the central diff locked. I fixed that by replacing the axle since I have a non OEM lifetime warrantied axle. The hub flanges looked were very slightly scared so I did'nt change them. Since then I am getting a more shaking from the front passenger wheel when I am driving at Highway speeds 60+. Which is obviously unnerving.

I am thinking of replacing the Bearings since this same wheel is shaking a wee bit when testing the wheel at 6 and 12 'O clock. But I do not hear any bearing noise when I rotate the wheel or when I drive the car so not sure if its the bearings.. But I have never greased them at the normal 30-40k service interval. So it would be a good time to grease them.

The closest way to explain what is happening at slow speed is this in this video here

I did have the normal Thud that was bad putting the car in Reverse/Forward. I greased the driveshafts - all the zerg fittings and that Thud has been reduced a lot which I am happy about.
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I would check your brass bushing in the knuckle arm. These likely haven't been greased if the wheel bearing service was not done. T

It may be a bad CV joint on that side? I have read non OEM CV joints can be prone to vibration. As the aftermarket ones often use a different ball bearing style:
Toyota OEM RZEPPA style

Aftermarket Tri Bearing style
Sounds like the aftermarket CV axle causing the issue.
I’ve had the same issues when I’ve tried aftermarket in the past.
I'll check up on the CV axle knuckle arm brass bushings and see if they have been greased.

BTW If they are not greased how do I go about greasing them? take the CV axle out or take the rubber boot out and then grease them?

Also I wish my Mechanic shop waited for me to let them know I wanted OEM. They just went ahead and changed it. Now twice.. which sucks.. But at that time I didnt know LC/LX's where particular on OEM CV axle's.
Mine did this as well when using aftermarket CV axles. I tried twice and they both failed and 'thumped' within a couple months at slow speeds. JUNK!
Slee makes a nice tool. SLEE - Spindle Grease Tool - Slee Off Road

There is a member that made his own version using a pvc pipe cap. It’s nice as you don’t have to pull the joint.

The next thing to check is if the snap ring gap was set properly.

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