For Sale Front & rear 1979 FJ40 axles NJ

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Sep 12, 2006
New Jersey, dump here please
United States
Frame from 1979 FJ40 in NJ

Just the frame and stock springs left from this FJ40, sold the axles. Frame is September 1979 production and needs repair, see pics. Pick up only. Located in southern New Jersey just outside Philadelphia. Per forum rules, say 100 for the frame and springs together, but I'm flexible. Call/text is best: 215 850 6331 Thanks!
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Assuming its 3.70 gears with axle mounted parking brake?

I assume 3.70:1 R&P because that was standard starting 1/1979, but haven't checked to confirm. What Splangy said on the parking brake.
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How are the front springs, are they for sale?
Hi are these ofF the frame? do you know history on them ? how many miles ?
Where are you in NJ .

Axles, springs, and frame are all still assembled until I strike a deal.

All of the parts are September, 1979 production. The truck was used on a local farm until my seller bought it, apparently as a running truck with a wasted body. He stripped it and then it sat under a tarp in his yard until I came along. I had the speedo at one time but I don't remember the mileage exactly. It wasn't sky high, maybe 110K to 150K, somewhere in that range. I assumed the mileage on the speedo and the mileage on the axles is the same, but of course, I have no way to verify that.

One rear wheel cylinder was seized so we unbolted it from the backing plate. After that, the frame rolled freely and steered fine too. That's how it went on the trailer, no weird noises, grinding, binding, etc. The calipers are included but they're cores only. The knuckles should be looked at just to be safe and the brakes obviously must be replaced. Frame/axles are being stored in Pittsgrove, New Jersey. I'm about 40-45 minutes away.

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How are the front springs, are they for sale?

They're fine; no evidence the truck was used to plow snow or anything like that. Yes, they're for sale, but I think getting them to Alabama would prove challenging. Thanks!
there was a guy in cleveland looking for some ,i think he was in parts wanted.

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