Front Propellor Shaft

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★ is in the wrong locale
Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Last time I went to the Wreckers(If I remember correctly), There was 1 FJ40, 1 FJ55 and a few 60's.

Also how much will Universal Joints cost from Toyota? - Where else could I get Universal Joints from Tomorror?
Jonathon I think the fj 40 is the same length shafts as the g/boxes are the same except the splines and input shaft length.You should be able to get uni joints anywhere.Try repco and Super Cheap.There are places in Mebourne that specialise in non-original Toyota ect.I remember finding them in the Yellow pages when I lived there.I remember some on Mahoneys rd but there must be some closer than that.Dont go to Toyota they will empty your pockets
repco had cheapies and more expensive ones when i went. I think the cheap ones were $38 or something 3 years ago. Might be cheaper at the importers?

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