Front Pinion Seal Leak?

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Feb 12, 2018
Houston, TX
I've been through some threads on how to replace it (enough to know I won't be doing doing it myself) but didn't find anything on the diagnosis.

1) is this indicative of a front pinion seal leak?
2) the puddle on the garage floor (put my keys next to it for size) is after being parked for 12 hours. First time I've seen it so pretty sure it just started. Is this a "do not drive it" size puddle or a "take care of it in the next 150 miles or so" size puddle? Daily driver, about 25 miles a day mostly highway. Recently some slow moving / idling time with temps getting up to 205-210 ish if that makes any difference (fan clutch mod planned for this weekend).


That's a tiny leak and just annoying.

Check the fluid level soon and check it once per month unless the drip gets more pronounced. Top off fluid as needed. Can drive it eternally with that as long as you maintain fluid levels.
Thanks for that. I'll keep an eye on it until I can get it fixed. But I'll have to get it fixed cause if I don't it'll be all that I can think about (like the fan clutch is now).

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