Front Pinion angle pics

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Pinion should be parallel with ground, or ever so slightly turned down, never turned up. Turned up causes steering to wander, you are constantly steering your vehicle back into your lane. This is really spooky at higher speeds. Turned down causes the vehicle to have a direct tendency to steer in a straight line (and this tendency is required by law).
stock 62 housings are pointed up compared to a 60. So they will not look the same.
Although a newbie to the site, I am a former mechanic (before getting a more knuckle friendly career), and have owned my current 62 for many years.

So, a few questions…

I take it that yours is a 62? Is it lifted? Does it have extended shackles?
Any work done before the vibration started? Is the vibration at all speeds or constant?
Is the vibration only in 4x4, or also in 2 wheel drive?

(...or does it only vibrate when your girlfriend is in the car?:hillbilly:) )
1989 FJ62
no lift, just saggy
the vibration has been there as long as I can remember, but I rarely use 4wd since I've been babying it for a few years now. I'm doing some major work on it right now (McNamara gear) and I'm financially in a place to spend some money on the old girl to get it in top shape so that I can wheel it some.

Vibrates in 4wd only.

I didn't take any pics tonight. I did drain the t-case oil and it was mixed with ATF. Nice. Good thing I'm fixing all this crap.

Pics tomorrow, I promise.
Well, if you want to take a look at my pinion (God, I feel a joke coming on :rolleyes:), I’m on the South hill probably not too far from you. Mine is lifted, so it may not be an accurate comparison.
For driveline issues “Six States” in Spokane (on Trent Blvd) is excellent and very reasonable.
Well, the thread did say something about pics. I'll be a dork and post a crappy picture. It will change tomorrow when the lift is going on.

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