Front IFS E-Locker

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Nov 16, 2003
Went to visit Toyota Australia Webpage and the list diff lock option for IFS Turbo Diesel model. Was wondering how hard to fit them to US model.
I have never heard of it being done, I thought people generally went arb lockers for front on an 100. But I am always interested in oem parts...

Yeah, I decided that when the time comes, I'll lock it up with ARB's too. I had no idea that there was a front e-locker for IFS from the factory. Somebody try it!

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100 IFS ARB has been out for a least a year, maybe 2.....the 1st units showed up around Xmas time......1-2 ago.
19Nov2003 (UTC -8)

I had my ARB fr locker installed in Apr2002, and the rr locker before that, and I love it! I have driven it everywhere (meaning: CA, NV, and UT) in every weather and terrain I could. :D Since it saved me not paying for a tow truck (or just the simple indignity of it) everytime I'm supposed to get stuck, the ARB lockers have paid for themselves many times over 8)
I looked in to it as well. The Toyota locker option for IFS. Acording to my contacts it does not exists. Just a mistake on the web info.

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