Front FZJ80 Axle

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Feb 4, 2006
United States
I have a front FZJ80 axle for sale. It has no 3rd member in it. It has axleshafts, and is complete hub to hub other than the missing 3rd. I just recently dumped about $400 into this thing, it has new wheel bearings, new spindle bushings, new trunion bearings, and new brake pads. The steering is reamed out in the front for 1-ton TRE's, and this axle has had the knuckles cut and turned to 15* pinion and 6.5* caster. Has no stock brackets on it. This axle is set up to run an e-locker 3rd, no need to modify the housing. Has ABS sensors. Located in Phoenix. Will ship.

Looking for $500 obo.
Will part.
Yes, It is a 1997 axle. I should add that the rotors are also good for a few more years.
How much for the birfs & shafts?

Would need shipped to FL of course:D
is this still avail?

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