Wanted Front fenders (or partial), Left Headlight 2000 UZJ100 (1 Viewer)


...One Landcruiser at a time
Sep 22, 2005
So. California
Want (need!) both front fenders, or at least the section below the molding line & behind the tires for rust repair. Fenders don't have to be in perfect condition, I'm only interested in the rear part, I'll patch it in.
Also, need a LH headlight (or just the glass lens) - Stone chip/cracked.

PM or e-mail: fj80toymaker <at> verizon <dot> net, or (310)nine-four-1 53 five nine

Your help is appreciated.

I'm also interested if you've had some experience fixing rust behind the fenders / wheel well area, to hear how you did it!

Thanks, Dan.

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