Front fender running light?? Am I supposed to have it?

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Jan 4, 2006
I have a 1970 fj40 and it is an early 1970 model. On my front fender where it says toyota landcruiser there is no marker, or reflector or yellow running light. There are however 2 holes on each side where I believe the red reflector would go behind the cruiser emblem. The part that is confusing to me is I think this truck came with the yellow running light but I can find no bond holes or anything, just the two small holes that i poke about earlier which I suspect was for the reflector. Help!!!!
Are you talking about the marker lamps like the ones below my headlamps?

Like the orange ones here....


Thanks Poser, those are the lights on the side fenders I was talking about. Heres the thing I have no holes in the fender for these lights. The two hole I do have are behind the emblem on the fender closeest to the firewall. If im supposed to have these lights I guess someone could have bondo'ed over the holes and if so they did a hell of a job. what years had the red reflector behind the emblem towards the firewall?
I am pretty sure they are supposed to be orange....and they are not supposed to sit flat...there is a thick tapered spacer that counters the angle taper of the should go to the side, aft of the operators station...or to the rear.


My 1970 has orange/yellow reflectors that sit flat on the apron. There are no holes for the lights. I think the lights came around 1972 (my 72 had lights and not the reflectors) The lights have a rubber mounting that is angled so the rear of the light sticks out from the apron. Then the lights went away again when they want to the larger front turn signals.


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