Front end wreck - a sign to start my build?

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Jul 3, 2020
Holder Mine, FL
Not sure how my 150 series desktop link got changed to this page, but it looks like the forum titles changed. Please move to the GX page.

Does anyone know how to cross reference the Prado steering rack with the Lexus part # . (4420060223)

I think it's time to upgrade to an off-road bumper and suspension. What do you guys think? What else should I look at for damage? I think it's a sign to start my build.

I'm not finding the steering rack online tho. It doesn't seems to cross with any Toyota parts.

Pics below. It's like everything is intact and can still be used except the steering arm. Can the arm be swapped in the rack?

Details if you are wondering.
It was very slow speed accident. So I was pulling into a gas pump, maybe the guy was on his phone or something and he t-boned the driver's front panel going a couple miles per hour. The steering arm is bent and the panel is pushed inward. I think I can push out the dent and then realign the panel. I think it just slid under the hood. I'll have to see and while he continued to drive slowly forward it tore off the bumper as my car shifted sideways and his car snagged the bumper. everything seems to run okay, but I'm thinking it's not possible to change the steering arm so I may need a new steering rack and and while I'm at it upgrade the suspension, metal bumper.



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Good luck brother. I have very limited experience from trying to repair my 330ci only to take a big loss in the end. I lost money and a lot of time, but I have to say that I wouldn’t do it any differently next time, as the knowledge and confidence I gained alone is worth all the time and money spent; not everyone may feel the same way.

When accidents happen the damage you see on the surface vs all the problems you find later down the road can be quite different. You have a better idea than me when it comes to whether or not it makes financial sense to fix it up, but I would think that in most cases it makes more sense to sell it and buy a accident-free vehicle. You have even more at stake than me, as adding on expensive mods means it’s even more important that the vehicle is well-baselined.

You may save yourself a lot of headache down the line, as well as money, by making sure you start off with a solid base before you mod. You may get there more easily (to point of having a baselined truck) if you sell it and buy one with no accidents, rather than try to spend the time and money to try and get it back to its condition before the accident; that is often not an easy task even when you can see the true extent of the damage.

Whatever you decide, I do wish you the best brother. Will be following for updates!
Get a body shop estimate. You have to anyway if the other guy’s insurance is paying. Like Sharpe cat said there may be more damage inside.

I have seen way worse repaired though.
I talked to a shop, they said they can upgrade instead of using oem bumper etc
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I would imagine a new off road bumper to be cheaper than factory bumper, lights, etc.
You may even have enough left over for lights and a winch! ;)
Well I swapped out the inner tie rod. The longest part was getting tools out and lifting the rig up. It took about an hour to get the tire and tie rod off and swapped back on.

I got a ratchet straps and attached it to a tree and pulled out the fender . I'm glad the hood wasn't messed up. Just need to get a shop to get the dent out or find a new fender with a new light and off-road bumper.

With some aluminum sheeting and self taping screws and zip ties I was able to connect all the brackets on the light and get the old bumper strapped on to drive it around and test steering rack, etc until the shop has the parts in. Looks pretty good considering.

The first test drive went well with no steering or other issues. I still think this happened to get me started on my build.




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