Front End Mask / Bra for 2000 LX470

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Oct 25, 2017
I got a 2000 LX470 recently and the hood and front end have a lot of rock chips. It would probably be close to a $1000 to repaint it. Therefore, I would like to get one of those OEM style black vinyl bras PT218-60032 that I see, but they say 2003 to 2007. Will the same part also fit the older style? If so, that's probably the cheapest / easiest route to go for me ($130).

If not, I could get the vinyl wrap from 3M and try to wrap the hood and front bumper area. Would anyone have an idea what that would cost to have done?

This is the GX and 4Runner section but that clear 3m product always looks bad in about 5 Years. They tint yellow and eventually crack. And the vinyl bras will eventually wear the paint at the edges.

I would consider plasti dip since it is not a permanent option since you can always peel it off.
Thanks for the suggestion. I had looked at Plasti Dip but haven't seen it personally. Is it feasible to plasti dip only the front end of the hood / fenders? How does the edge hold up over time? I didn't really want to do the whole car.
Good question about the edge. I haven’t used it myself but it would be the first thing I look into if I were in your position. I wouldn’t try to paint match I would go with an offset color like a grey on a white vehicle. Because a black vinyl bra will stand out just the same.

I could only tell you first hand that truck bed liner holds up even with an edge. I had a two toned 80 Series that I removed the flares and did a grey liner to keep the color tone of my original Desert Dune / Moongow Pearl stock look. And this was the do-it yourself roll-on stuff.
Talked with a paint/vinyl guy yesterday at a local shop in Denver. He says that old ouch up paint and other pre-existing flaws in paint will show through the vinyl wrap and didn't recommend going in this direction. I think I've come to the conclusion that these little defects are going to be too big of a hassle and expense to correct and that I'll just have to live with them. Thanks for the input.
Bed liner! Just go for it and dump the flares and everything! :p

Here is how mine turned out with roll on Herculiner




And we did spray on Al's Liner on my buddies Lexus
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