Front end HJ60.

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Sep 27, 2016
Hey all,been a while since i posted on here due to the cruiser has been fine.
Had a brake bounce for a while now due to(imo) maybe warped front disk rotor,took wheel off and and did a bearing wobble check and it was a little give in it,so i took parts off to tighten the nuts on bearing area and looked at the disc rotor for a warp etc,didn`t look warped to me but it could be i guess.Once went for a drive it was all fixed (the brake wobble bounce) with a tiny expression of bounce in the pedal,nothing like it was,but coming home today after going down a hill and had to apply brakes hard it bounce like crazy(brake pedal) i checked left side bearing felt fine and checked disc as well and it looked ok to me but i know a tiny warp can cause havok.brake pads on left need replacing but i would not think that would cause a pulsate on the brake and steering wheel when applying me if i am wrong in that...
Other than warped disc rotor or bearings are really bad is there any other thing that can cause the brake pulsate thing?
Cause i think i`ll just replace the rotors/pads and maybe bearings if needed(i do not think they do though).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I would do the brake pads but while the wheel is off , measure the disc thickness with a micrometer. It probably has low spots that you cant easily see.
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I just looked into brake pads and the pins mite be stuck etc,good call..ty.will try and measure them as well.
Ok,got the wheel alignment,they are the same and align,but something tells me that they didnt make the steering centralized...the cruiser still aims left even on a flat surface.It is like he aligned the wheels but the main steering resets way left than where the wheels are if that makes sense?......hmm-wondering if this place is a stay away from place or is there more issues with my wagon.
Still getting rotors and pads soon as needed.
not sure if you are referring your steering wheel being off centre, or whether your cruiser turns left when you let go of the wheel on a flat surface.

If the first, your steering wheel may have to be removed and re-clocked to be centered.

If its the second problem, your left brake may be dragging.
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The second i was referring to,so i rang the wheel shop today and told him if he does steering centralize on the column before alignment and he said usually no-then asked me to swap the front 2 tyres and see and walla,it fixed it.Kinda new tyres as well.
Yes i do need new shoes on the front but getting there slowly.
Thanks for the reply.

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