Front end binding up

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Dec 17, 2007
Ft. Lee
When I push the FJ around (it still doesnt run) the front end rolls for a bit and then binds up and then I can't push it anymore. I found out if I jack the front end off the ground, the front driver tire spins a little like it breaks free, and then I can roll the truck again.
It doesnt happen in the rear axle, only the front.
Any thoughts?
Are the lockouts "locked" and are you in 4WD?
Sounds like it could be a brake issue. Maybe a drum/disk is engaging/catching. :meh: Did you put a new master cylinder on recently?
Check the springs on the drums, the front shoe spring should be on the inside of the brake shoes and the other should be on the outside. Mine was doing the exact same thing and both springs on the outside seemed to cause mine to bind up. Also made it a nightmare to get the drums off. The other thing is to make sure you rims or balancing weights are not hitting the steering components.
I took the drums off, pulled the pads and then put the drums and wheels back on because the front wasnt rolling at all.
It has the stock wheels so it shouldn't be hitting the steering componenets
It has drive flanges installed, no lockouts. According to the shifter, it's out of 4 wheel drive. And when I spin the back tires, nothing forward of the transfer case spins.

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