front e-locker cable conversion thread

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Nov 16, 2002
Hey guys,

There was a thread here IIRC where a guy had converted his front high pinion e-locker (FZJ80 locker or Tacoma?) to cable activation. It had some nice pics in the post. I can't find the thread anymore. Can anyone help me find it?

I have the rear Downey cable locker. Downey doesn't know sometime if it is for the front or rear. It is for the rear. I don't know if it will work with the front but don't think so. I will look under the 80.
Thanks guys, I'm looking for the one where the guy puts in a lever where the motor was and the cable pulls on that lever.

BTW I read on the POR Toy 4x4 board the Downey 8" diff locker kit hits the leaf spring if installed on a Toy truck? It may not be a problem for 80 series guys since the wider axle and the coil springs, but I'm thinking of using it on a high pinion 70 series axle.


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