front drivshaft

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Sep 14, 2006
hello there fellow 60 owners.... i've been hanging here for a-few years now tried to help when i can ...owned a 72 40 many years ago drove it like i stole it for 9 years untill it died motor/rust you name it ........then the kids came...... 4years ago i found a 83 fj60 wasn't to keen on the idea of a wagon for four wheeling but in time it grew on me ...two years ago i installed a 4" lift from "maf" dekar springs \ shakle reversal \ anti inversion on rear ... you know the kit they offer...... here is the problem with that kit my front driveshaft was too short friend had a front shaft made 2" inch. longer for his 60 then changed it out when he went to a 350 sb \ auto gave me the shaft.... life was good ... now two years have past ...front springs settled... now front shaft is too long give in slip area.. with out spending more money in witch i don't have and have a new shaft made..1 inch shorter a stock shaft will work as long as i install a 1"inch. spacer between shaft and diff . ...... does anyone know where i can find one ?????? on another note "jim c" i have acouple of 2f carbs if you want them let me know ...............thankyou in advance everyone who reply....john
I would go by a driveshaft shop in your area that does a lot of work or get a recommendation for one. Ask him how much it would be shorten it. It seems like it would cheapier to shorten the one you have alittle than buy another one and have it lengthened. I don't know much about spacers on driveshafts but it doesn't sound like a good idea.

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