Front driveshaft woes?

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Aug 4, 2003
Central NC
Not being certain what constitues and clunk from and thud... I'd say that my front driveshaft ( of a Slee offroad variety ) is clunking now... Could it have anything to do w/ my driving w/ my CDL on b/c I have no REAR driveshaft due to a seized u-joint? Anybody? I don't want to mess anything else up... esp. the front shaft or any of the diff parts/birfs. I also seem to have a slight oil leak originating from somewhere inside the tranny bellhousing. Any thoughts? All help ( if constructive ) is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance-

Oh, and YES, I'm getting a replacement shaft for the rear... probably get a spare too... and after beating on u-joints in a vise, a shop press is in my immediate future. Northern Tool Supply to the rescue!

"I also seem to have a slight oil leak originating from somewhere inside the tranny bellhousing. Any thoughts?"

That sounds like the rear main oil seal leak :'( not a good thing if it is...... the transmission has to be pulled to fix it, so, do a lot of trouble shooting and find out exactly what's leaking. If it is a rear main and it isn't leaking bad..... you could live with it for a good while and keep a close watch on the oil level.

Sorry, I don't know what to say about the clunking.....

I think we've got it pegged as a bad u-joint on the 3rd member end. It's a CV @ the T-case. Crap. 2 shafts went bad @ the same time... guess the front didn't like being the only shaft on the cruiser. Hmph.
80 shafts are VERY picky about the grease amounts they like to wallow in.

Grease every oil change and much more frequently if you wheel.

The tranny oil can also be a leaky rear oil pan if you are lucky...look up through the inspection plate with a light to see if you see the rear main leaking or if it is coming from the engine...

If engine just retorque the oil pan rear bolts and it can stop it.

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