Front driveline clunk - opinions?

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Aug 15, 2016
Orlando, FL
Ok, need an opinion. 2000 100 series. Was trying to pull my travel trailer out of the muddy back of my property, got framed out in the mud. Center dif locked, staying mostly in the range for my ATRAC. Got a little wheel hop a few times. Eventually gave up, winched myself out, a nice neighbor got my trailer out with his tractor.

Forward to next afternoon. Truck is now making a soft rythmic clunking when driving, coming from right front quarter. Clunk is definitely driveline. It's is absolutely not CVs or drive flanges, I pulled the hub and checked. Wheel bearings are nice and cool. Clunking keeps pace with the speed of the truck, but it's turning slower than the wheel rpm. Does it on acceleration, idling, decel. Sometimes it is quiet when I lift off the gas and coast, comes back when I touch the brakes. Idling along, feels like clunk every 6-8 feet.

I think I maybe knocked a bit of tooth (or a whole tooth) off my front ring. Thoughts? I'm going to drain the diff in the AM and see if there is anything to see...

Wheel hop is hard on the ring gear. A few bounces and I was short seven teeth on my ring gear.
drain the oil from the diff and see if it's chunky, maybe use a small magnet to fish around in there.
The diff removed all doubt as to its status this AM. Rather convincing failure, anything over 10mph sounds like there is someone pounding on the diff housing with a 5 pound sledgehammer. Looks like I'll be pulling the flanges and the driveshaft until new Nitro bits come in.
That's sad to hear:(

By the way, check out a new (4pin) diff, they're not "that" horrible in price compared to a rebuild. (~$1100)
Unfortunately, new stock diffs are the same price now as the Justdifferentials rebuild, and they come with stock ring gears.

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