Front disk conversion axle trouble help?

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Jun 8, 2003
I am converting a 1974 FJ40 over to the disc brake axles from a 1978 FJ55. I stripped down the 78 axle, removed all parts, repainted and cleaned things up etc. One big problem - the shim configuration was lost due to my mistake.

I was matching shims to the 1974 pumpkin which I am keeping(the 78 is thrashed) I thought I could copy the shims in the birfield on the 1974 (not the 1978) due to the fact that I thought the shims were a function of the vehicle, caster, camber, and toe etc. argghh!!

Should I just put it back together and hope for the best? I have a factory manual and I haven't found any area that mentions how to place shims when doing a rebuild.

Where can I get a fish scale? I bought every other tool but never saw this one mentioned before on the pages for a front axle rebuild.

I have all new bearings, races, and seals all ready to go back in but I've got to get some expert opinions first.....

Thanks in advance for the advice.
Are you talking about the shims in the third member or out on the knuckles?
You want the third member set up by a tech who can check the pinion & ring gear mesh patterns. It's not an "at home" job.
Knuckle shims is my problem. I have the knuckle's tore down and I was/am in the process of converting a 74' pumpkin to disc brakes from the 78' FJ55 parts.

I am not yet messing with the third member.

Thanks for the clarification.

I always move the shims from one vehicle to the other, the shims make up for differences in machinging in the knuckle housing. Do you still have the shims from the 78 in their right positions? The lcml archives will have info on how to build your own centering tool to reset things if you need to...

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