front diff failure and best solution questions

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Jun 8, 2005
Hampshire, England
front diff failure and fix questions

Last weekend I had front diff failure. Definately operator error in the sense I was foot to the floor scrabbling up a very steep climb on 36" Simex ET II's with the ATRAC doing its nut so no big suprise it went bang (bang not pop!). It took me till this weekend to drop the diff and have a peak inside to see a big patch of missing teeth on the crown wheel and I'm assuming the pinion will show damage when I get that far.

I'm all set to order a new R&P for the front, a bunch of shims and ARB lockers but the EPC is only showing 'Final gear kit' and then 4 part numbers. From the prices I'm guessing 41201-80127 and 41201-80170 are the R&P but can anyone confirm the R&P part numbers for OEM 4.3's please?

If I were to regear, what are the 'custom' parts needed for the rear that have been mentioned in a couple of threads now? Is it the ARB's that are custom or the regearing set up?

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I've got spare 80 series e-lockers I can scavange parts from but I'd be replacing the carrier with an ARB unit so that doesn't leave much to customise. My rear diff is still on the car so I can't easily make side by side comparisons with the 80 series units.
The front is just a straight up ARB install with the new gears. The rear to swap gears you need an 80 series carrier. Gears and the carrier, bearings, etc... run about $1200 without the ARB front.
Ok, I'm guessing from that information that the end result is an 80 carrier with 100 internals to be able to still accept the larger / more splines drive shafts? So for an ARB install that would mean buying an 80 and a 100 ARB locker?
Ugghhh... I feel your pain Brother.

Good luck with that.

It ain't cheap...

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