Front Crowl vent

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Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
What can be done to prevent the water from coming insind the tub? I made some tubes out of plastic tubing. Right side works great but the left didn't take. Any suggestions on after market tubes?
1) Close the vent when it is raining.
2) SOR sells the actual tubes (Page 112).
i blocked mine off. i've got an extra cover if you want...$10 plus shipping. it's made from smoke lexan.
I have a lexan cover, too, and will make the same offer Inge is making to anyone else who wants it.  But I like my vent and use it regularly.  I don't have any leak issues now that I have the pipes, so I say, FIX IT!

Whats the purpose of it, if it doesn't open up? I don't get it?
I guess some people might put the lexan cover in during the winter to reduce the likelihood it might be accidentally opened. But I agree. It is nice to have, especially if you have a hard top. If you have a soft top, or no top, you don't need it. It is just extra venting over the heater.
Mine doesn't open! their are two drain holes that's it. This thing doesn't open or close. Their doesn't seem to be a purpose for it. &nbsp:Do some of them open?

Maybe at one time, mine worked and someone sealed it shut. I don't know!
the linkage may be gone or binding. it's the knob marked "fresh" and it's a pita to deal with cleaning up the linkage. i run softop in the summer and have early model vent doors so it didn't really serve a purpose to me.
Mine also does not open--never did: no way, no how. It seems like a lot to go thru for a decoration but there must be some logic to it's inclusion. :eek:
You would think so! Maybe someone sealed mine up. I don't know. I will definitly check it out! This is strange!
I also have a '74 FJ40, and there is nothing inside the opening on the cowl except for the two holes that drain out through the engine compartment (as long as the holes aren't blocked by leaves!)

When the 'fresh' knob on the dash is pulled, it opens a door on the
passenger side that allows fresh air into the blower housing. You can look through the opening in the firewall at the front of the passenger footwell and see this working when you pull the knob.

I expect you'll see no air issue if you block the opening on the cowl. I did block mine - no change in heat, airflow, or unfortunately, the water that collects in the drivers footwell!
Mines the same as Desertdave's, no linkage to open it, doesn't appear to be physically capable of opening, and my fresh air knob does the same as D- Dave's. I guess its something that Toyota did on earlier models, then changed the fresh air vent but didn't want to change all their sheetmetal dies and just left the nonfunctional vent.
New question. If its blocked off from factory, how hard would it be to make this vent operable? Do I need to rape an older model? Do they breathe good enough to be worth it? It's hot as h_ll in mine.
Re:Front Cowl vent

I am running a bikini top just now. I use the cowl vent all the time to blow the warm air out that collects just above the tranny hump, and it is truely helpful. Don't know if you can add the vent mechanism if it was never there, but it seems that if there is a hole, there had to be a way to close it. So there should be the mount holes, and therefore you should be able to find one used to put in.
Here's the vent mechanism from the cab side. The pull knob on the right, with ~ lines on it, rotates the horizontal bar you see it connect to, which then raises and lowers the cover inside the cowl.
...doesn't look to difficult. I'm going to dig in under my dash to see if there is anything there. On the outside it just has a cover tacked over the hole where yours has that opening panel. My slotted cover even mounts the same. It's too bad the PO cabbaged out my 69 so bad. There isn't much left in the creature comforts department.
that rubber seal around that metal thing (wow, i know, way too precise), would it being there / not being there cause a problem?

mine is really nasty and i'm sure that if it did ever serve a purpose, it doesn't now.

and yes, water pours in the cruiser very frequently. on my right foot. wet sock.


that little pull thing with the approximate sign on it is the pull for the cowl vent? crazy stuff. i only know what 2 or 3 of the knobs do on mine. that one is one of 2 with a picture on it.
Jonathan, you must be missing your rubber drain pipe. It takes the drain hole water out front through a hole in the firewall then down to the ground.
Oh, and yes, the rubber thing seals the vent. The metal thing just raises and lowers the seal.

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