front bumper for fj60

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Feb 10, 2013
I found this bumper in several places and it is for the fj62 but I was wondering if it will fit the fj60 and if not where can I find one that will

ARB sells that bumper for FJ60 or FJ62. It is the same bumper, just mounts differently because of the height of the factory bumper brackets.


Make sure you get the right part number though. The correct one is pictured above. 3410100

Check ARB for distributors, but a lot of businesses that are on this forum sell the product. You may have one close to you depending on where you are.

Ya I see that one too but what I'm not seeing in the picture is the bar that goes around as a step bar that I circled in the pic

I think ARB may have produced a similar part at one point, but probably long gone. Customization time!
O ok ya I'll just have to get the bumper and then do some customization on it.... I'm gunna post pictures soon of when I first got it to what it is now
Nice I guess my next question is what is a good winch to put on the bumper

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