Front Bumper Build pics

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As shared in my mock up post last week I am going to cover the blinkers with this bumper. So I have placed a gm ligh socket (1157 type bulb) in the hole originally holding the indicator light on the edge of the headlights. this new bulb i have installed has 2 elements in it so as to act as both the indicator light as well as the turn light. (normally the 1157 bulb is used as the brake/tail/turn in the back) I had to modify the light harness which was easy and can be seen in the pics. the orriginal turn signal lenses just take up space now. the new signals work great and can be seen easily from the side. the new socket I used came from napa and was $7. this GM 1157 bulb bulb housing has the same diameter as the toyota indicator but a diff notch pattern than the toyota-so a small extra notch has to be made in the toyota light housing--real easy. you can see the l blinker working in the pic.
the angle steel that will bolt to bumper is 3/8". Those 2.5" x 1/4" square holes in front of bumper will be for a removable winch tray. The 2.5" square tube will be welded to the frame brackets.
Notice how the reciever dryer has been slid up 1 and 7/16" within its housing-very easy
I'm building this bumper in my dads shop which has a lift, new plasma cutter, lots of tools---much nicer than the driveway I usually work from
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Random thoughts:

Build in a self closing step (like the RV front license plate bracket/step) so you can easily get up there.
Light tabs for later mounting of aux lamps.
Hooks to coil a recovery strap back and forth.
Why not tie the two square tubes together with one thick plate instead of the two plates you have on that picture. I think it would make the whole winch attachment laterally stiffer.
the step issue is real-folding jobber would be nice. might do just that in future-but for now I just got to get it done. I have to leave California and my dads shop in a week and must finish this thing fast

I plan on tying the square tubes together with either more tube or one long plate across the top of the square tubing.

reinforcing the outside wings will be important. As I do this I sure wish I had a BMF brake like brooklyn used on his bumper. however, the plasma cutter I'm using cuts much nicer than the 4 inch grinder I'm used to
Keep up the detailed pics - they'll save me time :)
its almost all tacked. just a couple pieces on ends. then it needs reinforcing. this new miller plasma cutter is way nice. i need to paint it with something. i have been using spray paint for the rear bumper and sliders but there would be a constant battle with rock chips on this front bumper. If i had one more week in california i could throw it in with a batch getting powder coated out at me dads work--but not option. considering hercliner/duraback stuff
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Looks good dude. It looks like you'll end up having lots of cavities in there. Do consider using them for storage with hinged doors/lids/etc.

Keep it up!

Dusty, is that your home garage with the lift? If so you are so luckyyyyyyyyyy!
Just one question. How is anyone gong to see the front signal lights?
Looking good.
How much time is in it at the past picture?
I like the shape it's taking so far. What I can't seem to appreciate is the open top .. are you planning to weld up a flat portion to it all? If it were mine, I think I'd fold over the pcs covering the (nonfunctioning) signals and weld another flat pc straight across for mounting lights to etc.

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TYLER-i welded the top closed for ya...and some. I did all the build since the prior pics today. it took about 8 hours to cut out all those pieces and tack together--me pops was running the grinder cleaning up the cut pieces as I cut out more pieces with the plasma cutter. we tacked as we went. all is 3/16 save the 1.5" strap along the bottom rear edge which is 1/4". there are a few more gussets for the back side that still need to be added.
the snap on wire feed welder went kerplut 30 min into the final weld so I will be forced to take the bumper back with me to colorado on monday and hopefully finish it there with my welder as soon as I get the time. it bolts on fine and looks kinda cool.
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