Front Bumper '94 FJ80 (will be at Cruise Moab)

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Mar 25, 2007
United States
I am replacing my stock bumper with an ARB. It is in good condition, no damage, just normal wear. I have it off the truck and can send detailed pics upon request. I can deliver it to you at Cruise Moab, or make other arrangements. I am in the Orlando FL area.

As for $$$ please make offer-I haven't had time to research what these things go for used.

Yes it is. I sent you an email.
What kind of $ were you looking for? It would be nice to have a straight one as mine is a little beat up, but the shipping would probably kill the deal.
I may be interested if you can post or send me some pics, of course if it's still available. I'm also local and can pick it up. Let me know.
I am asking $500 obo. Thats what I have seen them listed for online.

For that price I will also GIVE you the brush guard that was on the truck when I bought it. Its one of those black brush guards you commonly see on SUV's these days. It looks good, provides decent protection, and makes for a nice paltform for lights, CB antenna, etc.

I will send pics to anyone who asks for them (I dont think I can attach pics yet on MUD).
I am motivated after digging these out from the back of the garage ;).

Here are some pics:




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Ummm... that's nearly a used ARB price and damage multipliers are often free on this site. Stock bumpies ain't worth that much around here. Just sayin'...
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Ummm... that's nearly a used ARB price and damage multipliers are often free. Stock bumpies ain't worth much. Just sayin'...

I disagree Mac. Your logic is off base. The FMV of a used ARB has absolutely nothing to do with the FMV of a used stock bumper.

99% of the time anyone looking for a stock bumper isnt concerned with what a used ARB sells for. They want a stock bumper for one of many reasons. Maybe they just want to keep their rigs stock, or they are looking to refit their LC to stock form to sell it and their accessories like ARB's seperate. Mac, you have a PM.

This is priced at what they are selling online. It is posted obo as a motivated seller, there is no sales tax, and I have a free item included. You get pics and can ask many questions of the seller. You wont get any of that at a used parts place online.
I sold my stock bumper for $100 and was happy to get that here. I think what hes getting at is that most stock bumpers that hit this site go for significantly less here.

I just went on and found one locally for $113
All anyone has to do is research for themselves and make me an offer. It is listed obo. lists their's for $500. That $113 item you mentioned is bogus, all it says is its "new". No way. It lists only 2 others, both crumpled bumpers for upwards of $200. Looks pretty sketch to me.
Post # 8 edited. It was not my intention to sabatoge your sale. The dollar value of these, on this site, is no secret. Just trying to give you realistic expectation so you don't sit on it forever.
Holy moly....500?!? I threw both of my stock bumpers in the garbage on both of my 80's. They are virtually worthless. I have seen one go for $100 once after it spent a while on the site and was a local pickup. Good luck with the sale :cheers:

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