Front brakes locking up???

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1972 FJ55 "Iron Giant"
Jan 21, 2006
I bought a 70 FJ40 and it had a stock front axle with a disc brake kit from somewhere. It was locking up in the front so bad that I couldn't even move the 40:mad:. I had an extra axle that was in my 55 with FJ60 front discs and I know worked perfectly. I swapped them out and test drove it. It is now acting the same like the brakes are being applied continuously. Is it my Master? Don't I need a proportioning valve somewhere for discs? Any help would be awesome.............:meh:
It might just be that the residual valve is still in the master cylinder...
I'm with pighead, I'm guessing it has the drum master still with the front residual pressure valve. Get a 76+ master (requires a spacer or redrilling the firewall) or take the front residual pressure valve out of the master cylinder.
If you don't know enough about the cruiser to tell us what MC you have then we need a pic of it. Otherwise we are just shooting in the dark trying to help you.

It could be the residual valve in the MC, or if the MC was swapped out it could be the adjusting rod on the booster is keeping pressure on the MC.

I'll check to see if the MC has the r. valve or if the pin needs adjusting this weekend. Hopefully I be on the road soon. Thanks for the help. A living breathing Landcruiser Encyclapedia we've got here.

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