Front Brakes Locked Up Together?

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Jun 20, 2012
Hello, I'm new to the LC game. Anyway I have a 1992 LC that i got for dirt cheap and I've changed out a bunch of things. A.I.R pipe, manifold gaskets, tranny fluid and filter, spark plugs wires, all of the fluids except for the brakes.

My LC's front brakes locked on me one day so i pulled over, got out and the front brakes were both smoking up. I let the brakes cool down and started her up and the brakes were no longer locked so I got to drive home. This past Sun i took her for a spin and she was fine for about 15min then she started acting up. The brakes were engaged as i was driving doing about 35mph so i pulled over again. Brake pedal was hard so, thru it in drive with no gas to the pedal and I wasn't moving at all.

I read in another thread that a guy had the same problem so he took it to a brake shop and they changed out his Brake master cylinder and that solved his problem. I was wondering if this is true?

I ordered new front calipers and I plan on changing the brake fluid shortly after. Any help would be great on solving this issue.
To confirm that specific complaint, you can do an experiment. First, prepare by removing the rubber brake bleeder caps and making sure that the brake bleeder valves aren't stuck.

Then go for a drive, and keep a 10mm wrench handy.

next time it happens you can open a brake bleeder valve and see if it squirts fluid out under pressure.

ie, stop in a safe location, turn the steering all the way to one side, then reach, put a wrench on the bleeder valve and crack it loose 1/4 turn. If fluid comes spraying out, there is pressure retained in your brake system.

If fluid dribbles out, I'd look more closely at your brake calipers.
Sounds like your brakes are not releasing all the way. Sometimes this can be fixed by adjusting the pushrod from pedal to brake master/booster. Shorten it by 1 or 2 threads and see if the problem changes. John
Had this problem on a hilux one day it did end up being the master cylinder and a piece of the seal had come loose and blocked the return hole for the fluid from the front calipers ,please keep in mind that this too did not stayed seized all the time ,and the brake worked sweet during this time too ,some thing to try .there is also the case of the frayed inner pipe that comes from the inner guard to the shock ,it starts to act as a one way valve especially on this age vehicle .
right on everyone. thx for the input!!! I'm gonna try all the tips before I overhaul the brakes.

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