Front brake rotors change - what's involved?

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Apr 23, 2008
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Hi guys,

Decided to change my front brake rotors - old ones are warped and annoy me to no end.

What's involved in changing them on '97 vehicle? I know rear ones are pretty easy to change, just basically take off brake caliper.

Is it much different for the front ones? Any special tools needed, anything interisting there?

I've got Max Ellery's manual, but it is kind of crappy, to be honest, more than once I found it to be either inaccurate, missing HUGE bits of data or just outright useless.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I need to:
* Follow the steps to remove the hub
* Remove old brake disk from the hub
* Attach new one
* Reassemble?

That's it. Just keep in mind you'll need some new gaskets and seals and this involves repacking the wheel bearings and correctly adjusting the preload.


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