Front Axle Shops in San Bernardino, CA

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Apr 25, 2007
Good Morniong Gentlemen,

Can anyone refer me to a good fj40 axle rebuild shop in San Bernardino (SOCAL) area?

for a good guy and knows his stuff try
Art Banks
Offcamber Offroad

built my front disk axle, fair prices too, located in Lytle Creek area
Exactly what did Art do to your axle? Regular rebuild or anything fancy?
i thought you were here for the b&c no rig???
its a cover:D :D

have a FZJ-80, 2- FJ-40's and a FJ-45 SWB

He built a complete axle, I ran out of time for the project, took a complete disasembled 40 disk axle with a 4.11 locked diff, he put it all together to spec and painted it.
Looks great.

I really don't have a fj40 (its a cover) I'm here for the chicks and beer!
yeah... I know. Have you ever seen the movie Revenge with kevin Costner? If not go get it. He's got an fj40 and Da kine babes...
Oh Yeah, SL is in Helendale. Nobody knows where Helendale is though? Its somewhere northeast of Victrville.
I got it all apart too. I got it blasted ready for painting and reassembly. I'm still thinkng about that one... SL might be out there, but theres two huge private lakes and endless wheeling 5 seconds away. Where the hell is cherryville?
above Beumont, below Oak Glen, Yucaipa area, the assembly is pretty easy, the take apart and cleaning is the bitch, a guy in Redlands is doing one now
Ok. I'm leaving work heading up the pass for now. Thanks for the talk and pics. What year is your green LC? If you have more pics of the axle and other stuff, I'd appreciate it. I'll be back online over the weekend sometime. going to drop off my axle with Art tomorrow at 12:00pm

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