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Jan 23, 2005
Half-way through a knuckle rebuild and have found that the passenger-side axle has no rebate for the circlip (end of axle, under free-wheeling hub).
This is in an Aussie FJ62.
Does anyone know what this axle is from (I'm assuming a non-standard replacement by PO as there was gasket-goo everywhere)?
And is the circlip required?
Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.

The circlip is a good idea to have. It functions to keep the CV joint from walking back into the axle. If the CV joint moves, then it's virtual center
(an imaginary point that the CV joint hinges on) is no longer on centerline between the knuckle bearings. That puts a bind on things when the steering is operated.

Just get the correct CV joint in there and be done w/ it.
is there sufficient stickout of the joint into the hub for a clip?

Just wondering if you have a longer hub and the later birfs so you can't see the relief..
do you have a pic? sounds like what Mace said. I bet it has a freewheel hub from a 45 on it and a short birf from the original truck. Post up pics and measure the depth of the hub. You can always use the washer /bolt method if this is the case.
Thanks for the replies fellas.
Hubs are correct model, and shaft length appears correct.
Sorry, no access to camera.
When first attacked, the circlip was sitting over the spline. It was in roughly the same position on it's shaft as the other side, but there was no rebate to locate it.
The only noticeable difference between the two sides (bar langth) is that one shaft-end has a rebate for the circlip, while the other doesn't (just splined)
With the diameter and length of axle/birfield being correct, I assume that this is either from a compatable diff or perhaps a cheap aftermarket replacement.
It's been like this for over five years, and copped a fair caning during this time, with no noticeable damage. This is why I queried the necessity of the clip.
Any ideas?

Jim was correct, get another birf and keep the one you ahve as a spare :)

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