Front Axle/Kmuckle Rebuild

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May 16, 2010
Front Axle/Knuckle Rebuild

well, After sourceing all the parts and reading and printing off all the posts, and downloading the FSM for 15$ I got to work today rebuilding the front axle assembly including Birfs and the Knuckes.

I can confirm a few things:

1. the 1.5" PVC pipe separation method works perfectly for removing the axle from the birf, as does the hose clamp method for re-insertion (thats what she said)

2. the 90 ft pound bolts that hold the brake caliper on can only be removed with a breaker bar inserted into my racing jack handle for leverage. that only added 30 minutes...

3. Brass punches rule for removing cone washers.

4. The 100 series needle bearing/brass bushing combo fit the 80 series spindle perfectly. I was too greased up today to take pics, but I will take some pics tomorrow when I do the passenger side.
again for reference, part numbers as follows:
90381-35001 Brass bushing, Qty (2) list 9.06, sell 7.08
90364-33011 Needle Bearing, Qty (2) list 54.19, sell 42.35
total with tax 105.78

5. As always, harbor freight is the hsit.

6. You will need at least 2 boxes of nitrile/latex gloves

The wheel bearings looked good, but when I removed the drivers side cap and loosened the lock washer, I was able to spin off the lock nut with my fingers without the socket. Given that the locknut is supposed to be cranked down to 47 ft lbs, I think that may have been a major contributor to my noise.

on opening the driver knuckle, I found the 1.5 tubes of grease I pumped in though the square nut hole a few weeks ago, and some clear yellow grease which was put in some time ago. when I drained the diff a few weeks ago I got a considerable amount of moly in the fluid, today not so bad, so I am sure with the seals being replaced and everything greased properly, i will be good for 60k.

I will take plenty of pics tomorrow as I didnt start till 11 this morning and had a few snags with cleaning supplies and such. I have been wrenching for a long time, sometimes for a living, lately just for fun, and this site is the incredible for the info, how to's and pics on doing PM and maint work.

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seems like more than a few of us are doing the same thing. tore into mine this afternoon and everything is ready to be cleaned tomorrow. ran out of latex gloves a third of the way through, went to town with lava soap.

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