Front axle experts? - The dealer?

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
I've spent my weekend (when not playing at the beach) reading up on about how to maintain my incoming 80. Lot's to learn (like I need to do a full knuckle job and that's not the same as a front wheel bearing repack, duh....)

Simon - how did your front axle job work out in the end?;action=display;threadid=1705

Any ideas where I should go for this? It's got me worried that nobody (except the guys on this board) know what they are doing. Perhaps N.S.O.R. center?

I guess the dealer but even then when having the truck inspected the "tech" said they rarely ever tear down them down this far.

The main reason I just thought repacking the "front hubs" was all I to do is because that's all my previous mechanic told me was required.

I don't feel like doing this myself as it's too much out of the gate. Perhaps doing the breather hose extension.

Dealer? or shop around trying to find a good mechanic?


Congrats on the new addition. Based on my experience, you do need to be careful about who you use doing work. I had a mechanic that we have used for a number of years (owns a 4 runner) do some initial work and I think he was in way over his head. Can't prove (and didn't raise the issue), but I think a significant repair I had to do was based on his inexperience.

In Canada, here are your options:

1) Go to a Toyota dealership. I had my front end work done by a small Toyota dealer and was really pleased with the result. Diagnosed the problem immediately, got parts in a day and no probs with the work (also gave me 20% off parts) - this was in a town of 20,000.

2) Find an indie that REALLY knows what they are doing on Cruisers

3) Off road shop that has the same as 2

4) Find a combo Toyota/Lexus dealer and hope that you can have it serviced on the Toyota side (else I pay $100/hr shop rate for Lexus :eek:). Advantage here is that the Lexus mechanics will at least have some experience with the LX450s they service. When the Toy guy has a question, he just needs to yell across the shop floor!!

Cheers, Hugh
You might start by checking out any 4x4 clubs in your area. They can be an invaluable source for just what you're asking. If there is a "Go To" guy in your area or a "Not to Go To" guy they are sure to know.
Thanks guys - both sound like good ideas. I think I'll start by interviewing one Toyota shop that I know has some crusier heads working in parts. In fact one of them is named Dan (but too bad not C-Dan). I think they give parts discount on crusier parts.

There is also a off-road shop in Vancouver but it's a pain for me to get too.

Life is tough, first you have to fret over buying a TLC and now have to go try to find a good mechanic. Life's a bitch... ::)
Ben, been very unhappy trying to find a mechanic (see my PM). If you find someone let me know.

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