Front axle bearing #'s

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Sep 21, 2003
I just ordered the new birfs I needed and will be ordering all the seal and such for the front axle of my 93. I am looking for the bearing numbers so I can go down and order them from the bearing shop before I start tearing everything apart. It's a daily driver so I want all the parts I can get lined up before hand. What i need are all the bearings including those in the differential. Thanks for the help.

Trent Taylor
Inner wheel, 90368-49084-77 x2
Outer wheel, 90368-45087-77 x2
Trunion, 90366-20003 x4

For diff bearings, need to know if vehicle is equipped with OEM diff lock.


I'm about to do the same thing...PM'd you last night. I've got to replace the bearings, seals, and everything else that should be done while I'm there. No factory lockers, ARB'd though. Don't know if I need/should do the wiper and can you tell?

The cruiser has the factory diff locks. Randy's Ring and Pinion haf a full rebuild kit for the differential for about $125, but he didn't seem to differentiate between diff lock model and non.

I find that odd as the diff lock diff uses different carrier bearings. :-\
So I procrastinated my day of ordering and had to hit the dealer. He's way helpful and is supposed to give our local club a good rate, but I noticed something different about what I ordered than what c-dan mentioned in his first post on this thread. The guy set me up with 2 different bearings as you mentioned, but also two different sets of seals....where it seems like you mentioned I needed 4 of the same. Am I going to get stuck this weekend? Hopefully the parts will be at the house when I get home and I can compare numbers picked up the next day shipping charge...not too shabby eh!
what are the part numbers?
got the parts...

he sent the bearings you said. but the seals are different.

90311-62001 Seal, Type T OIL
90310-35010 Seal, Type S OIL

How'd I do? This is what I've got to fix...along with the fact that the bearings have been making some noise. Thanks.
The seal part numbers are correct. The 90311-62001 is for the wheel bearings and the 90310-35010 is for the axle shafts. Those and the bearings listed earlier in the thread, along with the knuckle gaskets, are just the ticket.

The part number listed above as 4 required, 90366-20003, is not a seal it is a trunion bearing.
Thanks for the approval! Going for it in the morning.

>> This is what I've got to fix... <<

This post is probably too late but one of the first things in the instruction list is too clean up that mess before you pick up the lug wrench.
Not too late, thanks for the heads up. Use brake cleaner I imagine? Thanks
Try to get some heavy duty spray-on grease cleaner at your local auto parts store. If not then use Simple Green or similar. Take it somewhere that you can spray it good, use a screwdriver or something to clean off the big chunks, then go to a car wash with a high pressure sprayer and finish it off.

The cleaner you get it before you start, the happier you will be and the less cleaning you'll have to do in your garage.


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