Front and rear wipers won't turn on

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Dec 11, 2014
I just installed some new wipers, and when I went to turn them on, they wouldn't budge, not even with a little help. This includes both front wipers and the rear. My voltage meter is only showing 8v because my alternator is out (replacing this week) -- but my radio and all other electronics work flawlessly. I do have a dual battery setup with brand new batteries. Also, the engine cranks without showing strain on the battery. Additionally, the wipers were working under these same conditions a week ago.

I did take the dash apart this past weekend to fix a radio wire, but I'm not sure what I could have done to screw up all the wipers.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance! I will be posting pictures of my new rig soon.

1986 FJ60 2F | dual batteries | 31/10.5r15 BFG All-Terrain KOs
My wipers are getting slower and slower. I have the same car as you do. I have not gotten around to fiddling with them. My suspicion is that there is a bad/corroded contact somewhere in the circuit. That is where I will start looking.

I'll first connect 12V directly to my wipers to see if that solves the problem. If so, then my problem lies down stream. I would recommend that course of action.
I can't imagine that the front and rear wiper motors went bad at the exact same time, but I guess it's not very hard to try this anyway.
FIXED. So I looked under the dash and the green relay box that controls the wipers was hanging down covered in electrical tape. I took the tape off. This revealed that the plastic housing of the relay had been smashed in the past. I also noticed a wire spliced in to the relay, which I followed to the fuse box. It had a fuse jumper (add-a-fuse) on the end, which wasn't plugged in. Plugged back in and voila -- wipers work. I think I'm going to try and properly wire it into the fuse box when I have some time.

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