Front and Rear Pinion Offsets

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Jan 5, 2013
I'm in the process of lining up the drivetrain in my '71 fj40 and noticed that the front and rear pinions are not offset to the passenger side the same length. The front pinion is about 5 3/8" offset from center and the rear about 6 1/2" offset. Can anyone confirm this is correct?
Are you measuring to the frame rail?

You'll be fine, i'm sure that's stock... 1" isn't much.
That is the distance the two pinions are offset from the center of the chassis measured between the two frame rails. I had just always assumed they were equally offset. I was just curious if anyone had similar measurements. This 40 is getting a V8 and H151f w/ full time Tcase, so I need the best driveline angles I can get to minimize vibs.

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