Front and rear bumper build w/pics

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Feb 28, 2009
Near Salem, OR
Cousin built me these, metal sourced at the scrap yard to keep the costs low. Swing out shaft ordered on-line. PTO hole in the front one just in case I need to run a shaft to a hydraulic wood splitter, apple grinder, snowplow, and cause it's cool. The mounting tabs are for a collapsable flat tow setup.

May change out the rear latch setup, add a bumpstop and a beverage opener in the future. Good start, comments?
Couple of more pics. The latch was a big purchase, like $5.00 at harbor freight, I have my doubts about it but has been working w/o issues so far.
They both look great. I'm impressed with the work done in the planning stages as well as the craftsmanship.
Nice work! Beautiful! I likey!! I too love scrounging and using what others think of as junk to do quality work!!!
That rear bumper is exactly what I want to build for mine. Can you upload a pic of your drawings/sketches for the build and the dimension?

Very nice work. ::cheers::
Couple of more pics. The latch was a big purchase, like $5.00 at harbor freight, I have my doubts about it but has been working w/o issues so far.

You got that latch at Harbor Freight? It looks ok, pretty solid, but I'm not seeing exactly how it works? It just flips and locks down, right? What's with the pin?

I found an excellent sturdy latch here:
LINK, CLICK IT! ~~> Latch Clamp, Horiz, 360 Lbs, 1.20 In - Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps - Clamps - Hand Tools : Grainger Industrial Supply

I'm in the beginning stages of learning to weld, so I can do projects.. the biggest project is a bumper spare-tire carrier. I like your design! I'd also be interested in plans or more photos, esp of the latch and the corners where it looks like it was also mounted/bolted to the frame, underneath?

My big concern is supporting the weight of the structure itself, plus the swing-out arm, and a BIG 33x12.5x15 spare. Mine would swing out farther to the passenger side. I can't have bad welds cracking under dynamic load, with highway vibration and rattle.

Any idea what kind of metal? Is this 1/4" or 3/16" ?

Having a hard time finding a single piece of scrap metal long enough to make the bumper. Did your cuz weld pieces together to get length?

What's the finish?

Nice bumpers!!

Here's a thread and a pic of what I plan to model mine after:
Very nice, I lke the way it curves under for protection in the rear. Bravo !!:cheers:
ARC1 look closely at the latch.. its only a toggle latch.. which holds pressure against the swing out to keep it from rattling...
as for the pin ... looks like it is slotted through the rear bumper the pin is the safety feature from keeping the swing out from coming open...

thats what it looks like to me and looks like a great design...:beer:
You nailed it hellbent, point extends through and pin is used as a safety catch. I hate rattles, that is why the hf latch, to keep pressure against swing ARM. The main bumper piece was 3x4 1/4 and side pieces were 2x2 1/4. Swing ARM was 2x3 1/4 if I remember correctly. Used receiver tube for spare mount so I could take it off and slide a cooler tray, or whatever needed into that spot. Hammer finish spray paint until it gets a frame off and sanblasted clean... then who knows, prob raptor finished. cousin will build one for you if you bring you rig to him in brownsville, Oregon. Pm me for his info. No drawings to post, sorry. Just a lot of head scratching and beers to figure out best idea.
Good looking, good design, well executed!!

X2 on how you protected the rear quarters with the bumper tucked in under.

When you say near Salem, which way? I'm just south of the Santiam River along I-5 in the Millersburg area.

Like the corner protection. And the modular design of the tire mount. Curious about the alternate functions of the front features. :hmm:


edit: never mind on the front features. I read too fast.:rolleyes:
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Absolutely Badass! :beer::cool:
x2 on the corner geometry.

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