front and rear axle housing dilemma

Mar 1, 2006
Monument, CO
ok, what started out as a OME heavy plus front and rear lift, a knuckle rebuild and a rear end rebuild, has become a suspension overhaul + paint. everything has been taken appart and now my truck is sitting on jack stands. theres a guy not to far from me that does beed blast and powder coat work. i called him up and he quoted me $100 per axle housing to blast and powder coat black semi-gloss. that includes knuckles and both carriers. my dilemma is, i was having absolutly no problems with the diff carriers. no leaks, no slop, no noise, nothing. i'm not going to lie, i'm afraid to take the diff carrier apart. i have a FSM and read the task multiple times. i'm shure with the help of the gentlemen here on mud i could find the replacement parts if i should need them, but i am worried about having problems post rebuild. i need some thoughts and opinions please.


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Apr 5, 2003
Southern NH
I'm a super picky/fussy anal SOB, but there is no way I'd tear a diff apart to just get the housings powdercoated (if I understand your question correctly). Put a coat of Rustoleum red metal primer on them, then a couple coats of satin black, they're look awesome and touchup is much easier.

For this life of me I wish I knew why powdercoating is soooo expensive up here. $100 per axle housing is a bargain. I tried to get a valve cover done a couple of year ago and it was gonna run almost $200.
Jul 12, 2003
Everything in context of your situation and eventual goal...

Are you pointing toward a truck that looks good and lasts for a long time? Then a good paint job or powder coat on the axles makes sense. If you are just going to use it as a trail rig and beat it hard, then don't do it.

Removing the third's isn't too hard. They'll work the same as they do now when you reinstall them.

The hardest part is that to remove the front third requires that you pretty much take apart the front axle....aka the infamous "knuckle rebuild." If you are OK with a knuckle rebuild, removing and reinstalling the thirds is a piece of cake.

It's all about time and money. If you've got both, then do it for sure, and post up the pics afterwords. If one or the other is in limited supply, then consider your priorities carefully, and make the desicion accordlingly.

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