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Jan 1, 2010
Anacortes WA
Well it's been brought to my attention that we left New Mexico in March, and you haven't heard from us since.

Our second week here (Whidbey Island) I landed a pretty sweet job as the dock attendant for Port District of South Whidbey. Thankfully we just got our house leased which is a huge relief, and Becca has been busy to the gills creating 3 Generations Jam LLC with her mother (and Charlotte). Becca was just offered a full time job as admin asst for the Port of Anacortes, and though we're not fully recovered from the hasty move, we're definately exceeding all expectations of getting settled in up here.

Western Washington hasn't breached 76° yet and it's still primarily 50°-60° here in June. We have river otters living with us, blacktail deer cruising 5 feet away from our kitchen window, bald eagles above and reefs below. Literally, at my harbor years ago, a breakwater made of tires sank and is now a popular diving spot with octopus and amazing freaky aquatic life. One morning wr watched whales spouting while we drank our coffee on the deck.
so now that was uncalled for...making me jealous!:cool::flipoff2: sounds like life is good! congrats!
Without pics none of this is happening :flipoff2:

Good to hear that your family is settling into the new life.
Sounds cool - thanks for the update. I agree - some pics would be great.

That sounds like it's 180 degrees away from our SW desert living.
Embarrassing as it is, I. Will need to e-mail Ali pics to post, because I only have my droid to work from, and totally can't figure out how to post em :doh:
Does a dock attendant need an assistant? I'd eventually miss green chile and my family here but the abundance of fishing and seafood should make up for it.

I'll just have to get my fix on a work trip to Seattle/Tacoma in August.
Embarrassing as it is, I. Will need to e-mail Ali pics to post, because I only have my droid to work from, and totally can't figure out how to post em :doh:

Download the Ih8mud app for the Droid and I think you can post pics that way.
Ahh. I have an app for that? Ali da man



Very nice, send more pics.I feel cooler already!
Our beach again...


We live in the biggest tulip producing place in the world now...


A view from the deck.







Very nice, Becca. Quite the change from NM for sure. Your daughter has grown so much already!

Perhaps it's time to change the location under your Mud name?

is my guest room ready yet?
We are on Whidbey Island, Greenbank Wa. And yes we have a guest room. There is even a shuttle from Sea-tac to our front door:) It's only a little embarrassing that Becca can make it up our driveway in the front wheel drive Rav4 after a few rains, and I have to put the Taco in 4. The 40 loves it out here with her wide and luggy tires.
I can vouch for Whidbey Island...four years courtesy of the USN.
I have an only slightly lapsed bare boat license. Think we can work something out?

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