From Seattle to the Valley of Death

Dec 5, 2006
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Hi all-
I recently took my 94 cruiser on a 3500 mile trip from Seattle to the Mojave Desert. She had 200,000 miles on here at the start of the trip and she carried me without a glitch.


First I went over Mengle pass at the top of Goler canyon, Panamint Mountains. That was rockier than I expected but the stock height cruiser took it like a champ with a little help from a rock spotter. I am suprised I still have my side steps. This was a neat little cabin in Butte Valley.


Here is about the WORST thing any cruiser owner could ever see. Shoshone CA.


This is a pretty remote locality. We spent three nights in the old Woman Mountains of the central Mojave Desert. No one was up here but Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Lions.

Showing off the PIAAs and HIR's with Slee harness and auxilary lighting switch.

And the reason I go capture and photograph snakes and lizards. This is me with a nice Blacktail Rattlesnake from the Hualapai Mountains in Arizona.

Hunting Reptiles has been my hobby for 16 years but it has never been as comfortable as it is now that I have my cruiser. These things are amazing.
Jan 30, 2006
Paris, France
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I think the last pic got me impressed.:eek: And as far as gas prices in this neighborhood are concerned, did you check those at Panamint Valley Inn/RV park? They've been six months ahead (ie half a dollar more) of the others for the past three years...

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