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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
Hey there. Posted this up in the 40 section and got crickets so I figured this would be a better place to find answers.

I'm slowly getting rid of all the LPG equip in the RHD 75' FJ45 LWB that I picked up this winter. Imported from NZ about 9 years ago.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424183013.572262.jpg
I'd like to get it back to good ol' gasoline only.

For those that are familiar with this modification it looks as if there has been an "extender" welded into the top of the carb. See photo. I feel like everything above the silver bump on the front of the carb is an addition. I'm planning on shipping the carb off to be rebuilt. Is removing this "extender" and issue?

Any and all input/advice/ideas would be great. Thanks!
Its not welded, looks like a small rivet or screw, drill it out and toss the lpg mod. Looks like you dont have a choke assembly? Might need to source that. Last lpg setup I had, you could switch from petrol to lpg via a dash switch and the carb still retained all the choke bits.
Choke assembly present and accounted for.

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424222369.816012.jpg

I'm gonna ship this carb off to FJ40Jim or Mark and let them put it back to stock. I don't trust myself to drill out the screw/rivet etc.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424222537.436038.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424222607.868876.jpg

Other than the top "extender" the carb looks stock to me. Anyone else see anything that might cause any hiccups?
Don't drill out the rivet looking thing. That is a soft plug right at the top of the carb. The LPG mixer starts just above the soft plug. It should just be jammed or glued in place. Carb looks unmolested otherwise
And the great FJ40Jim has the final word!!

Thank you very much Jim. This little beauty will be on the way to see you shortly. You've done 3 carbs for me and all have passed Oregon emissions and run like champs. I'm having one issue with 2 of them that I'll email you about separately.

There is one port that looks like it may have been drilled into the intake manifold that I'll have to post up to see if it needs to be plugged as well. I forgot to take a picture but I think the vacuum tubing went straight to one of the LPG modules.
Actually no need to post another picture. In the first picture I posted in this thread in front of the carb between the TEQ logo and a nub on the intake manifold you can see the vacuum hose I'm talking about. Is that OEM or a LPG addition?
I can't tell from the pic. Depending on year & market there can be one or two vac barbs screwed into the intake manifold ahead of the carb. Cap the unused vac port and move on.

When the carb is reinstalled with no LPG, there will only be two vac hoses: one from carb base to distributor vac advance, one from side of intake to choke breaker.
Thanks Jim!!

Easy answer on getting rid of LPG.
Want 100% OEM. Being imported from NZ this thing has none of the smog crap my 78'40 has. It's unbelievable how simple and how much space there is in the engine compartment. One of the reasons I like cruisers is their simplicity. LPG stuff complicated things. Some might call me crazy. I'm comfortable with my "back to OEM" choice.

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