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Jun 12, 2005
I bought a 1971 fj-40 and I have a few ?. First I can buy front and rear axles from a 1977 fj with disc in front and lockers for both, but they have 3.73 gears and I would like to change them to my 4.11's possible or not? Also is fine spline better than coarse and can you change one to the other? The locker for the front is a lockrite it is not installed would you use this or should I sell this and wait for a selectable locker? This will be a semi daily driver, just for the fun days.;p I will be changing to a chevy smallblock soon. This is on the rough side so I don't feel bad about chevify this. I am taking photos so I can hopeing to show off like the rest of you! FJ's rock:cool:
Apr 24, 2003
congrats on the purchase, we'll have to bully you into doing a ROTW for us :)

with the gears, i'm pretty sure the axle splines are the same for those years (i always thoughtthat 3.73:1 gears were from 1979 onwards)...

fine spline is better than course spline. fine spline birfields (cv joints on the front axle) are heaps stronger than coarse. fine spline pinion is also stronger... but not usually a concern unles you go huge. what part are you asking about changing?

some say lockrite is ok in the front, others say it's not... you could run it and find out, then sell it if you didn't like it... on the road it'll be fine if you unlock your front hubs... offroad it might push turning circle out a bit.
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I have an EZ locker in the front. It works fine. The only time I have HATED it is when I twisted up my rear driveshaft and had to drive a few hours of trail and then 30 min on pavement back to camp. Every time you coast or hit the accelerator the truck would jump two feet to the left or right.

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