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Mar 22, 2009
Santa Cruz, California
My friend is thinking of buying an 84 fj60. I'm going with him to check it out tomorrow, the price is 5k but the guy is willing to cut to $4,200. Not much info in the CL post, it seems like a good deal though, tell me what you think!

1984 Toyota Landcruiser 4x4
Got an 84 with similar milage

Check for rust on the body panels, frame, engine. Anything that has lived next to the coast should either have an entire undercoating, or will have rust somewhere.

Dunno west coast prices, and with the upgrades mentioned, but seems a bit high - have seen comparable rigs in the 3500 range. Do a google search for fj60 and under the "advanced" options choose as the domain, and it will give you hits on *all* CL sites.


Glenn in Tucson
hafta be clean inside and underneath to command 5k, or even 42 benj.

I'll second the 3500 range.
I think its a fair price. Looks like its in good shape and the guy obviously knows what it is, and did some tasteful mods.
That truck has been for sale for a loooong time @ $5k. I passed on it after seeing pictures of the interior. It was pretty beat up, it wasn't the right truck for me.

Don't know what you're buddy is looking for though.
hmmmm, I sent an email earlier to get more pics, that's good info that he's been trying to sell it for a while, we can try and go for a lower price, I don't think my friend wants a complete fixer upper, I don't think he would mind replacing some interior parts though.
hmm, I'll have to ask when I see him tomorrow.

Santa Cruz, CA right? I know that there is another Santa Cruz somewhere else, and I just saw that you're in Costa Rica.
I remember his last name but am reluctant to post it here, being without his permission and all. He lived in a beautiful canyon North of the town center. Can't remember the canyon name but it headed out towards the coast.

Both trucks are down here now, running well and are in their element: low speed dirt roads.

To be anywhere close to $5k, at 200K miles, it would have to be completely rust free and perfect interior/body/glass -- Even with the upgrades ... Who knows how many miles are on the mods ?

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