fridge location on your camping trailer/home made slide out carrier for the fridge

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Oct 10, 2010
so this is my first trailer and fridge, can anyone show me location of fridge on the trailer? i want to finalize my set up and couldnt decide w/c way to go. and also has anyome made a home made slide out for it, just couldnt rationalize spending $400 to $600 slide outs on the market. thanks in advance.
If your slide rattles on the trailer, at least you don't have to listen to it all the time. That's the good thing, but I wouldn't go too cheap.

I'm basing that on the fridge set-up in the back of our 80. I did a custom set of storage, with two drawers and several locker spaces underneath a sleeper. One drawer is conventional, just holds stuff.

The other "drawer" holds the fridge. Since I have an Edgestar, there are no commercial slides available anyway AFAIK. So I just built a drawer that has an open top and used turnbuckles through the handles to hold it down.

But I didn't skimp on slides, using the 500 lb capacity ones to build the drawers. Those will run you around $200, but the rest is cheap. Here's a pic of it in our 80, but you could obviously do the same for a trailer. You could probably go cheaper on the slides, maybe buy 250 lb ones? Since I was worried about rattle control in the truck, that's less of an issue in the trailer and you could get away with using less expensive slides.
thats a very nice design, i have a 60 qt fridge i might go with 250 lbs. do you mind telling me where did you get those slides, thanks.

about the rattling when driving , a removable rubber cushion might stop it thanks again.
I ordered mine from They had a good price and the service was quick, but otherwise no experience, just found them looking for a deal on slides. These are 28" Accuride 500 lb locking slides (C9308-28-LR). I went with locks on every slide, which is probably overkill. Shipped cost was just over $300 for 2 pair-- those babies are heavy.

There is very little noise from this set-up. Sometimes the plywood bottom "drums" a little when you hit just the right speed and road roughness. I've thought about Dynamatting the bottom of the drawer, but it's really not enough of an issue to put money into that.

Anyway, if your slides are in the trailer, you'll be unlikely to hear them rattle.

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