fresh/recirc question

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Mar 6, 2007
hamilton montana
so ive seen this same problem mentioned but not a solution. my fresh/recirc does not work it kinda sits in the middle of the slide. if i push it to the side i feel soft resistance then it pops back to the middle. s i pull out the glove box and everything looks fine i can open the exchange by hand but it seem like the wire wont push hard enough to close the door flap. visually i cant find any thing wrong so what am i not seeing. thanks
bump for a desperate man
Dude, you are just gonna have to dive in there. Might have a bad door spring or dead mouse or who knows. It's not a real common problem, that I know of.
Maybe pull the dash bezel and see if the control wire got bent and not giving you enough thrust to move the door properly.
The control cables are held solid to the heater control by some little clips. Could be that your cable is slipping within on of those clips. I think Joe-E is right, you're gonna have to dig in there a bit.
maybe the cable is seized to the sleeve somewhere?
you could pull the cable, lube it, and check that it slides ok
Yep, what sandcruiser said. Mine didn't work very well so I pulled and lubed the cable and now it's like new.
well i have access to both ends of the cable and when i disconnect it from the fan flapper assy it slides fine but it seems to not have enough umf to open it. what should i use to lube the cable and is the idea to pull it out and hold it vertically and try to pour in it oil? also i noticed that the flap opens best with vertical pressure on the lever arm but it pushes with horizontal pressure. could this be a po's mistake or is that the way its designed? thanks for the ideas on the lube i will try that next

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