Freewheel hub versions for part-time 4wd 80's

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Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Ok I know there are genuine Aisin, Chinese knock-off 'fake Aisin', and other non-genuine hubs like AVM, etc.

The genuine Aisin ones have three matching Toyota part numbers covering original and two revisions. Is anyone aware of what the actual differences are in those three Toyota part numbers? 43530-60040, -60041 and -60042.

I've got an old Aisin hub that got flooded that I am considering rebuilding, but I'm also looking at getting a pair of brand new genuine ones. The Chinese knock-offs, AVM's, etc. are considered to be 'junk' by most people who run factory part-time 4wd or aftermarket part-time 4wd conversion with 80's here in Australia.

I don't know if part-time 4wd is a common thing in the USA given all 80's there were apparently badged as LX450's with full-time 4wd standard?

-60040/-60041/-60042 are all different in the last digit which indicates a “Major Engineering Change”.

For an assembly like the free wheel hub, it could indicate the dial face bolt was changed to a new bolt part number (which it was); it could indicate a change in the metal used for the hub gear...

That said, in this instance, -60040/-60041/-60042 does not indicate it can not be used in reverse to replace a -60040 assembly. Nor does it indicate that it cannot be used as a service part replacement for a -60040/-60041.

Regardless, the change here doesn’t matter. 43530-60042 is the correct part number for the 80 series free wheel hub.

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