Freeborn Red - rattle can. Is this the right one?

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I am seeking the same information as well.
Just go down to the auto paint store and they will make you some spray cans with the proper paint code with some good paint and it should be durable and match I got several cans and they were great, Larry
i have to agree, just get the code or go to the local auto paint supply store and get it from them and if you have a small part that is painted the same color you need they will test the paint and tint to match the part. thats what i did i took my ash tray and they matched the color. i bought a pint if i remember correctly and that was enough for 3 cans. i think i spent about $30.00 for the pint and one can. and each additional can is $11.00 each. good luck!
i've found "tractor" paint matchs cruiser colors pretty good.
i get mine from tractor supply company.

massey ferguson red, is real close to freebourn.

m f gray is a dead ringer for steelie rim gray.

international harvester white is good for the cream color.
Wrong Plastikote. Get the Ultra Enamel.

Out of Rustoleum, Krylon and Plastikote, the Plastikote Ultra Enamel was the hands down winner for weather resistance. I have had it on for 6 years now and it is starting to look a little oxidized and needs another coat.

74fj40 said:
brew8, you can do this except it will cost about 8-15 bucks per can :eek:

You think that is spendy for a custom color mixed into a rattle can?
Holy resurrection, Batman, but any new rattle-cans that are close to Freeborn Red ?

Link in 1st post is dead ....
Not to hijack the post but what type of paint do you guys recommend? I've read a lot of posts about type of paint but still everyone is split. They local shop matched my color too but I couldn't decide on type. :hmm:

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