Free worn FJ40 floor mat AND i need some input on my dash

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Aug 29, 2006
Free FJ40 floor mat worn on the drivers side. Its just junk to me but maybe somebody want it before it goes in the trash. (phx)

I dont see a company name on these KC lights. Does anybody have an idea of who made them? I am thinking they will come off when it goes to paint.

Speaking of going to paint, I know this is not the best picture but my dash paint is in good shape and is the original paint. The truck is getting painted back to code on the outside and the interior doors. Am I a fool not to take apart my dash and have that painted also? I was hoping that I could pick some convenient places to take off and leave it alone.

Lastly, you can see in my dash picture that somebody has wired in a new turn signal. Do you think this was done because the one on the stock column is broken? Or was this an easy way to rewire the front/rear lights? (I hate it and think it looks about as well as it functions... crappy)

Thanks for your input-

floor mat.jpg

KC light.jpg

Those look like old KC lights. Let me know if you decide not to keep them.

Turn signal switch was probably replaced because the original wasn't working. Probably my biggest complaint about PO who do hack job repairs instead of doing it correctly. Even more so when it involved cut holes in metal or cutting the factory wiring harness. If your lucky the PO cut the pigtail of the turn signal switch and not the main harness.

Your cruiser appears to be a 76 or 77. Besides the wrong headlight switch there are a few other things not correct on the dash. Choke/fresh air/heater need to be removed. Most of not all electrical switches can have the knob removed, unscrew the bezel and push the switch thru the dash for painting. Ashtray and glove box are straight forward to remove. Instrument cluster is not the hard either. Bottom pads have small phillips screws on the bottom and pull straight out. These have spring loaded clips so take your time. Top pad has the two knobs on the ends and screws. Beside those it clips on towards the top. Much easier to work free with windshield folded down so you can get to the clips along the top.

Depending how professional of a job your planning on doing. Me I would strip the dash and paint it along with the rest of the vehicle.

I live in South Peoria, not sure where you live but would be willing to help you straighten up the turn signal wiring if you decide to go that route.
Lights look like old J C Whitney ones that were imitation KCs. Worked OK for me. I had two sets over the years.

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