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Nov 15, 2008
Ok I was working at one of our field locations today and asked their warehouse manager if they had some scrap steel I could have just for small projects. As it turns out they had a 1/4 in thick piece of steel plate that was 6 ft x 8 ft that they are just letting me have. Also they had a whole sheet of 3/4 in expanding metal in the standard 4 ft x 8 ft cut that they are also just letting me have. Both have been outside and have surface rust but nothing bad. The plate could very well be a 2H Grade 50 or A572 Grade 50 so that's a plus. The expanding metal is A36 grade.

So now I have all this steel to make my bumpers. I'm going to call a vendor I have bought a lot steel from before that is next door and see if he has some 3/4 in steel drop plates I can sift through tomorrow. If so that will be used for the mounts to the bumper and then extend on through the front of the bumper to make a point for attaching shackles. I also have a source for some 1-1/4 in pipe for the brush guard part.

So go me! Now does anyone have some good plans or just tips for constructing your own bumper?

As I keep promising (and not delivering) pictures of the build to this point are coming soon. I have not been able to work on the 60 for a few days because of work and being sick last weekend.
Feb 15, 2006
SE Idaho
there were a couple of people that posted up some CAD drawings that might help, but again, searching and asking, and keep on keepin on all that.

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