For Sale FREE SR5 4Runner pass seat - NJ

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Sep 12, 2006
New Jersey, dump here please
United States
Only the passenger side seat, with headrest, from 1985 SR5 trimmed 4Runner. One busted control cable, so it reclines but doesn't slide. I have the driver's headrest too (included), but the seat was wasted. The fabric has that cool "SR5" logo and is in much better condition than it appears in the photo. I ran out of fabric cleaner ...

I'm offering it on Mud first, before it goes to CL. Here's the deal: I really don't want to ship it, so for a Mud member, FREE but only if you pick it up or make all arrangements to Mudship it. I'm in New Jersey, 08096, just outside of Philadelphia. Did I mention it's FREE if you pick it up? ;) Best to email at gitm7681@verizon dot net but PM is OK too (slower response). Thanks!

Oh, and before anyone points it out, it isn't "For Sale" if it's free ... yeah, I got that ...
Deal pending! Woo-hoo! No, sorry, I don't have the driver's side, PO replaced it when it broke.

Thanks for the offer on blasting the rims. Sand is too aggressive for aluminum, but I'll find out what to use and let ya know. Thanks again!

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