FREE random parts from a 40 series

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
Parts mostly from a 73 FJ40

All Free except shipping and PAYPAL charge. Donations always accepted.
1.5F intake manifold
Distributor new points no cap
Universal plastic 5 finned radiator fan
Stock FJ40 shackles
5* aluminum pinion shims
F water pump (old and beat-down looking but should work)
F valve cover, straight no leaks with newish OEM seal
EDIT: Added steering joints for power steering conversion and a dual belt pully.
I’ll add more, but can’t remember what is in my pile at the moment.
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way cool you rock i think ill do the same thing with all my extra parts when im done
if 1 post guy doesnt follow through ill take power steering stuff:D
Looks like I am going ot have to post pictures this weekend. The steering joints are the joints that would be closest to the firewall to allow rotation of the steering rod to the box. I may have two, one that the rod bolts into and one where one end will need to be welded onto.

Replied to the newbie :) and I'll put you in line jonah.
I would really appreciate that 5 finned I just destroyed mine. I'll send you a PM.
Fan is all yours.
To everyone that has asked for parts/ PMs. I have been swamped between work, home, and son's baseball games so I am lagging on responding to everyone. I'll try to get pics out and shipping info in the next few days. I haven't forgotten, just busy. Please be patient.
I need a double fan pully for my PS conversion. Will your double pully just bolt on to my single fan pully?

If you think it will, I would gladdly take it off your hands. Shipping to Calgary may work by Greyhound, there is often some Calgary Cruiserheads going back and forth between Calgary and Vancouver.

Here are the pics... Lots of requests for steering joints. I will go in order of posts, but please look at what I have to see if you still want one and post up.

VTCruiser, I'll box it up Monday or Tuesday for FedEx (sorry I am lagging, burning it at both ends right now)

Antfj PM me for shackle and shipping for Paypal.

My4x4FJ40 PM me for shims and shipping for Paypal

45Kevin PM me for the pulley and shipping for Paypal

Kerbs, Jonah, goingnowherefast, rlong: Please look to see if I have what you need and it goes in order listed.

If I missed anyone, let me know.
do you still have the manifold? And shims?

Sorry guys, away from the parts for a while. I'll post when I have access to them. Mailed the shackles and shims. If you guys don't get them by Wednesday, please let me know.

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