For Sale FREE LX 450 Running Boards

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Jun 30, 2011
Chicago & Venice Beach
United States
Hey guys -

Got tired of barking my shins on the running boards every time I put my daughter in/out of her center car seat :mad:, so I got a little pissed off this morning and pulled off the running boards.

They're in ok shape - all the rubber/plastic is good, some pocking/superficial rust on the metal but no dents.

If anyone has a need for them - or just a part - they're yours.

I'm in Chicago. I've got no problem dropping something off at UPS if you PayPal me the shipping.

PM me about this to make sure I get it.

Figuring out the mud flap situation now thanks to other posts, but if anyone has any direct suggestions, I'll take 'em.

Have a great week.

Skip (lakespeed)
I'll take them pending the price of shipping. PM'd
Did this transaction go through?

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