FREE KNOB Giveaway! Just be the first person to answer the question posted in this thread. (need measurements from a knob)


A.K.A. TheCraftyGreek
Sep 26, 2005
Hello all,

As you may or may not know, I tinker with all sorts of cruiser related parts. Recently I started making these in-dash Bluetooth micro stereos and offering them up with a custom made knob.

Fast forward and I started getting requests for a knob from the 70 - 72ish era. (the one with the sunken head) That is the one style that I have never made and don't have an example to take measurements from.

So my question to the MUD community is if you can provide the full list of measurements as outlined in the following two pics, the first person to answer will get one of my dash knobs (of your choice) for free. I can make any knob (minus the one I'm trying to figure out! :) ) The original requester of the knob has provided a couple measurements, but I can get this put together quickly with your help.

So please help me out and I will hook you up! (I'll even cover shipping! lol)

And as a bonus, you will be providing info (tech) that might be helpful to someone other than myself...

*note* The D and E measurements will help establish the taper.

knob dimensions.png
knob dimensions2.png

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